Our Staff

Daniele Hahn, Office Manager

Daniele came to Austin in 2015 by way of Wisconsin and New York. She has worked in such diverse fields as film, jewelry design and the nonprofit sector. At Sage she ensures that daily operations run smoothly and patient care is her top priority. Daniele is thrilled to call Austin and Sage Acupuncture her home.


Christine Wetzl, office assistant

Christine has been with Sage since 2015. She loves people and efficiency, so serving as the office financial manager is a real delight for her. Additionally, she is the owner of HummingBooks, bookkeeping services and is an authorized meditation instructor, teacher of Buddhist studies and director of Shambhala Training.

Sierra Skorka, office assistant

Sierra first discovered her love for acupuncture and herbs living in San Francisco and traveling in Southeast Asia. She currently attends AOMA and is pursuing her graduate education in Chinese medicine. When she isn’t huddled over her books, she can be found hiking, swimming, dancing and practicing photography.

Dresden Holden, office assistant

Dresden is currently a student at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin. Having been on a winding road of wellness for most of her adult life, she came to Chinese Medicine by way of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. She describes herself as a bookworm who enjoys dancing: Swing and 2-Step, writing, swimming, and gardening.