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Sage Acupuncture provides Austin with the very best in complementary care. We are delighted to be part of the movement toward holistic health and the coming together of Eastern and Western medicine to truly nurture the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. So how does Chinese Medicine understand and support health? The notion that the body’s ability to self-regulate can be harnessed and cultivated to regain overall functioning is the cornerstone of Eastern medicine. This is now being recognized by doctors of Western medicine as well. With this in mind, we create personalized and effective treatment plans using gentle acupuncture techniques and lifestyle guidance to restore balance and health. Whether your path is to wellness or to parenthood we are committed to supporting you throughout your journey.

Our Practitioners

Dr. Mitch Schreiber DACM

Sadie Minkoff L.Ac., FABORM

Abigail Karp L.Ac.

Katie Burke L.Ac.

Sierra Smith L.Ac.

Angelica Duke L.Ac., FABORM

Marissa Gorey L.Ac.

Office Coordinator

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