Mich Schreiber L.Ac.

Mich is the co-founder of Sage Acupuncture and its sister clinic The Cancer Wellness Center, where she leads a team of complementary cancer care specialists.

She has been practicing in the holistic health care field since 1997, including eighteen years in Austin. Before then she spent several years in Washington D.C. at Tulsi Holistic Living – an integrated health center, and at the Carl Vogel Center – a multi-disciplinary HIV clinic. In 2005, she co-authored a study on acupuncture and pain management with HIV patients. In 2006, she participated in a peer review of “Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology,” by the Art of Medicine Press.

Mich received her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin in 2003. She has since pursued advanced training in Women’s Health and fertility, and holds a certification in occupational acupuncture, a practice which aims to help heal musculo-skeletal injury. Currently, Michelle is working toward her