Ari Contreras (she/her) is a Licensed Massage Therapist who enjoys building fulfilling long-term relationships with her patients. She balances a genuine pride in her work with an openness to collaboration and feedback. Believing that massage is a truly collaborative work, Ari prioritizes creating a supportive space where patients can feel comfortable providing input throughout sessions in order to truly personalize the experience. She has a deep understanding of the variety of women’s health issues that can take place as well as daily challenges such as stress, anxiety, and tension.

Ari earned her Massage license from the esteemed Lauterstein Conway Massage school and is certified through the Ariana Institute in Prenatal Massage where she honed the ability to formulate the most effective massage treatments for her clients. She is trained in a variety of modalities and integrates elements from Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, and David Lauterstein’s Deep Massage Method in her work. Her approach to each session uses her clinical knowledge of anatomy as well as her intuitive sense of touch. In addition to prenatal massage she enjoys working with clients ranging from recovering athletes to individuals with chronic pain.

Ari places importance on the safety of her patients and welcomes all, believing that every body is deserving of comfort and healing.

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