What is a fertility detox?

A fertility detox cleanse is a special program focused on rebalancing hormones and preparing the body for pregnancy. There are five daily guidelines and three simple steps to this detox program. Following the guidelines helps the body release toxins and following the steps kickstarts important lifestyle changes to support hormone production, reproductive organs, and eventually, fetal development.

When should I do a fertility detox?

A fertility detox can be started at any time before becoming pregnant. The earlier you start the more benefit you will gain. The most beneficial for egg and sperm quality is to do a detox program and make healthy lifestyle changes 90 days or more before conception. It is also ideal to detox after an IVF retrieval and before starting medication for a transfer. Detoxifying during pregnancy can expose the baby to toxins so doing a program before pregnancy is best.

Why do it?

A detox can help clear our bodies of stored chemicals and wastes. On a daily basis, we are exposed to countless chemicals. Some of these chemicals are unregulated and can be endocrine disruptors – messing up our hormones. Most of the time these chemicals are processed and excreted by our bodies. But when they cannot be, they will end up inside our tissues, organs, and possibly even our eggs and sperm. A fertility detox may help to eliminate many of these from the body.

7 Day Detox – Body, Home, and Mind

Daily Guidelines:

Follow these every day of the cleanse make sure your body can eliminate built-up toxins:

  1. Every day – hydrate with ½ your weight in oz of water. Drink only filtered or purified water and organic teas. Include a glass of warm lemon water upon waking. No iced beverages. 
  2. Eat something, even just a snack, every 3-4 hours. If you get hungry, eat, no matter what time of day.
  3. Every day – get at least 20 minutes of movement in. Keep exercise moderate (no more than 4 hours of intense exercise per week.) You might try gentle yoga or just take a walk.
  4. Eat only unprocessed and organic (when possible): vegetables, fruits, pasture-raised meats/fish, eggs, nuts and seeds, and whole grains. At least 75% of your vegetables should be cooked. Days 5-7 are vegan. Take fiber supplements every day. 
  5. Avoid contact with body and home products containing fragrances and unnecessary chemicals.

Step 1: Take Bad Stuff Out – Remove Toxins and Inflammation

Remove foods and products containing unnecessary chemicals

Body: Avoid inflammatory foods

Home: Avoid products containing unnecessary chemicals

Mind: Avoid overstimulation from fictional and non-fictional external stressors

Step 2: Put good stuff in – Add Nutrient-Dense Foods and Hydrate

Give your body what it needs to create strong healthy eggs, sperm, uterine lining, and re-balance hormone levels.

Body: Hydrate and Add Nutrient Dense Foods

Hydrate– Every day hydrate with ½ your weight in oz of water. Drink only filtered or purified water and organic teas. Include a glass of warm lemon water upon waking. No iced beverages. 

Eat every 3-4 hours: 

Give organs and tissues what they need to be nourished- eat nutrient-dense foods at regular intervals. When food energy runs low, all cells run low, taking away energy from reproduction and egg building. It also means an overload of stress hormones- adrenaline and cortisol- which can interrupt our natural hormone cycles.

Put good stuff in:

Give organs good materials to build new tissues with – eat vitamin and mineral-rich foods. The most critically important organs get fed first. If there is none left over the other organs and tissues (including eggs, sperm, uterine lining, and reproductive glands) will become deficient, and have trouble producing.

What to Eat Day 1-4:

High consumption of vegetables, legumes, fish 

High to moderate consumption of good fats

Moderate consumption of fruit and whole grains 

Low consumption of non-fish meat

What to Eat Day 5-7

Home: Check out our healthy home and body care guide

Mind: Add relaxation with a morning or evening meditation. Try one of these apps. Calm, Insight timer.

Step 3: Keep what works

Going forward follow a fertility focused diet:

Continue eating nutrient-dense foods every 3-4 hours.

Continue daily movement and meditation

Continue to avoid: Coffee, Alcohol, Processed foods, and chemical additives, Home or body products containing fragrance