Curious about the who, what, why, and when of fertility in Austin?

Fertile Forward

With Sadie Minkoff L.AC.

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We believe in taking charge of your health, and being well informed is key. There’s so much information out there about fertility that it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we recommend starting right here at home in ATX. Learn about everything fertility while getting to know your local fertility experts. We help you move FERTILE FORWARD!


People who feel supported on their road to parenthood not only have more positive experiences but also better outcomes! Being heard and feeling cared for is crucial. Get to know providers from OB/GYNs and Reproductive Endocrinologists to acupuncturists and counselors. This is the space to find your people and build your team.


Everyone has a different fertility journey, at times we need to look inward and listen to our intuition, at others we need to ask for support. We’ve created this resource to help you find answers, get guidance, and discover solutions. Start here and hang in there!

Sadie Minkoff L.Ac., FABORM

For over fifteen years Sadie has worked as a pioneer in the field of holistic reproductive health and is the clinical director of the largest fertility acupuncture practice in central Texas. Sadie is a huge advocate for her patients and loves helping them build their team of healthcare professionals. Hence Fertile Forward was born to help connect people with local Austin fertility resource.

Natural Cycle FET with Dr. Burger of the Texas Fertility Center

Learn about IVF and your options for frozen embryo cycles.

Nutrition for Fertility with Olivia Honeycutt L.Ac.

Learn about the best diet for fertility and which foods to eat to have a healthy pregnancy.

Yoga Therapy for Fertility with Laura Edoff

Learn about Yoga Therapy and how it can help your fertility journey.


Jenna Brown – Love Over Fear

Full spectrum queer doula

Understanding Miscarriage

What you need to know about recurrent pregnancy loss.

Yoga for fertility

Learn how yoga can improve fertility and where to find it in Austin.

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