Second-Trimester Recommendations

In the second trimester, most women find that they feel better and report feeling less nausea and fatigue overall. However, rest is still key during the next stages of pregnancy. Feeling more energized and tolerating a wider range of foods and smells will likely allow you more space to enjoy your pregnancy.

Fetal growth spurts often affect a pregnant woman’s energy so be aware that if you go through a phase of being more fatigued listen to your body and rest. Utilize the times when you feel better to prepare your body for labor. This means consistently doing gentle exercises like yoga, walking, or swimming.

The second trimester is the most ideal time to take a short trip away with your partner or a good friend, ie a “babymoon”.

Your practitioner will recommend different guidelines at the onset of your third trimester.

Here is our second-trimester checklist for optimal health:

  • Continue to be mindful of your blood sugar and eat at least a snack every 2 hours. This could be as simple as a few almonds.
  • Try out different shaped body pillows for support while sleeping and resting.
  • Be aware of the redistribution of weight in your body and how that may affect your low back, hip, leg, ankle, and foot comfort. Choosing supportive shoes and a belly band or other device to support your growing belly may be beneficial.
  • Continue to maintain optimal hydration even with the increased urination that it may cause. Being properly hydrated prior to labor and delivery will help you to recover more quickly. Also, dehydration can cause uterine contractions.
  • Protect your emotional health by limiting negative media intake (ie news, violent television/movies)


Always consult your OB/GYN about their pregnancy recommendations and follow their advice.

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