Male & Female Infertility

The Sage Program provides comprehensive fertility support for Women and Men. Our practitioners have extensive knowledge and clinical experience in this area of specialization and have provided the essential support for hundreds of people to successfully build their families.

During the time we are preparing your body for pregnancy, plan on coming in for acupuncture once a week.  If you’re over 35 you may need to come in more frequently.

If you are planning or in the process of an IVF cycle ask your practitioner about our IVF support program.

At least 50% of fertility difficulties are attributed to male factors.  It is always recommended that male partners come in for an evaluation, even if their sperm count is normal and no Western diagnosis has been given.  Oriental medicine excels at evaluating sub-clinical imbalances that impact fertility.

If appropriate, you may be prescribed an herbal formulation and asked to follow specific dietary guidelines.  There may be different formulations for the different phases of your cycle.

Once you have conceived, it is recommended to continue treatment during the first trimester to support your pregnancy.  Treatment resumes during the last five weeks of pregnancy to prepare for birth.

Postpartum care is an integral part of your treatment plan to support milk production, balance hormones and recover following delivery.