Nutrition for Fertility

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, food is often used as medicine. Food has the incredible capability to heal physical imbalances or cause life-threatening consequences like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. In order to create a fertile environment in the body one can support wellness through healthy food choices. The food we choose to eat ultimately results in the overall makeup of our cellular health. By choosing foods that are whole and organic, we can nourish our body thereby creating a fertile environment.

So, the million dollar question…what should you eat? The jury is still out on this one, but one study, in particular, has given some valuable insight. The Harvard Nurses Study published in 2008 examines the relationship between conception and diet. The results were revealing. Based on this study, an association was made between slow carbohydrate, whole food, and a mostly plant-based diet with a significant rise in fertility.

We all know we can eat a little healthier. But what specific foods help our chances for conception? Whole, plant-based foods, that are high in antioxidants and healthy fats. Of course, no one wants to eliminate all the delicious foods that make food so enjoyable and tasty. By adding in several high nutrient, unrefined foods, we can still enjoy our favorite culinary pleasures.

In my experience, there is no “one-size fits all” recommendation for nutrition. Every individual is unique, therefore different in their own chemical makeup. If we view food as plant pharmacology, we may reveal it’s impact on our cellular composition. For example, if a patient with high blood pressure makes simple changes to their diet and lifestyle, they could drastically change the outcome of their health through nutrition and exercise. According to Chinese Medicine, in order to determine the best diet for each person, understanding their unique differential diagnosis is imperative. Every patient has one or more diagnostic patterns that indicate imbalance in the body. However, there are some simple and general recommendations for those attempting to improve their overall health and fertility.

There are also foods we can eliminate from our diets to improve fertility. Highly acidic foods such as coffee, alcohol, sugar, and fried foods create pH imbalances. Maintaining an alkaline environment is helpful in preventing inflammation and dampness in our digestive system. By cleansing the stomach and intestines through high-quality nutrition, one can naturally support healthy reproductive organs.

At Sage Acupuncture, we support a balanced diet that nurtures each individual, depending upon their differential diagnosis. Each person is unique and would benefit most from individual recommendations, but everyone can improve overall health, wellness, and fertility by eating a healthy diet. Bon appetit!

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