Our Story

Welcome to Sage Acupuncture


Sage Acupuncture was created in 2003 by Sadie Minkoff, L.Ac., and Michelle Schreiber, L.Ac in Austin, Texas, to provide support for women and families in their search for overall health and integrative care, especially regarding fertility, conception, and childbirth.

Naturally compassionate and warm people, Sadie and Michelle were drawn to this profession because of the holistic healing they’re able to provide. As Sadie says, “We provide integration between Eastern and Western medicines. This allows us to work with our patients and their doctors to put together a total care plan – one based on holism, not reductionism.” Sage is focused on finding the root cause of problems – like infertility, miscarriages, symptoms from disease, and more – and then finding ways to correct the path to health and wellness for families and individuals.

Whether you’re looking for help with fertility or general wellness, Sadie and Michelle have walked your path and understand what you’re going through.

Trying to conceive at an advanced age, Sadie and Michelle experienced many of the same struggles as their patients – everything from failed inseminations to a failed adoption to multiple miscarriages and an auto-immune condition. Through acupuncture and holistic health, they were able to conceive, carry to term and stay centered and balanced through labor and delivery.

Sadie and Michelle have also experienced the heartbreak of family loss due to cancer. Together they wanted to create a holistic environment focused on managing treatments and side effects associated with this disease and expanded the space at Sage to open the Cancer Wellness Center. After watching her father battle four cancers over 10 years, Michelle understands how overwhelming it is to keep up with the treatments, diet, exercise, nutrition and more. Michelle and our wonderful staff help patients listen to and heal their bodies while tackling the many side effects of medicine, including nausea, lymphedema, low blood counts, fatigue, neuropathy, stress, anxiety, depression and provide overall support to your immune system.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Sadie’s work is educating patients, acupuncture students, and healthcare professionals about Oriental reproductive medicine. In 2016, Sage was honored to receive the Austin Birth Award for Best Acupuncture Clinic.

Today, Sadie, Michelle and the team at Sage Acupuncture are committed to being at your side through your entire journey. Whether your path is to wellness or to parenthood, Sage is devoted to supporting your emotional and physical health.