Pediatric Health

Well-child visits can provide you with tools for:

•    Helping restless children sleep better
•    Supporting good digestive and intestinal health
•    Bringing down a fever
•    Treating colic and mild tummy troubles
•    Treating nasal and ear congestion (avoiding overuse of antibiotics)
•    Treating colds and viruses
•    Treating allergies and asthma
•    Healthy diet and nutritional support
•    Bed Wetting
•    Options for ADD and ADHD, and anxiety in children
•    Treating achy muscles in growing children and children who participate in sports, and more!

Oriental Medicine is an exceptional complementary therapy for your child.

Children don’t have decades of built-up patterns of disharmony so they move through the stages of illness at an accelerated rate compared to adults, and typically respond quickly and favorably to this gentle approach. We use massage, acupressure, supplements, and food therapy to provide soothing and effective treatments.

Children are affected far more easily by external factors which can contribute to frequent colds, viruses, and ear aches. Pediatric Oriental Medicine offers tried and true preventative care to help build and strengthen your child’s immune system, keeping them healthy when exposed to illnesses, vacillating weather, changes in diet, and other stressors.

Children love massage! They respond with curiosity, and learn about caring for themselves in the process.  They typically are highly receptive, wanting to participate in massaging points on themselves.  Infants usually respond favorably to the gentle touch and caring they receive at Sage, and we treat older children with acupressure and sometimes acupuncture that is inserted, then immediately withdrawn in a painless way.

Certainly, you will want to rest at home when your child is under the weather (in the acute phase of a fever or illness); however in your wellness visits at Sage we will teach you technique that you can do at home for infants through 5 year olds to strengthen the immune system and promote wellness.

Call Sage to schedule a Pediatric Oriental Medicine Consult and wellness massage today!