Postpartum Support

Sage is your resource for postpartum care, our practitioners teach the tried and true methods that Oriental Medicine has to offer supporting childbirth recovery and long-term optimal health in mothers.

Sage’s postpartum recovery plan includes treatments once a week commencing 2 weeks postpartum for a total of 1 month and includes:

•    Acupuncture for an efficient recovery
•    Herbal and Nutritional Support for building blood and energy
•    Lactation Support for low milk production
•    Perineum and post-birth pains
•    C-Section incision recovery
•    UTI
•    Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Irritability
•    Edema, Swelling
•    Insomnia
•    Constipation
•    Prolapse
•    Self Care Techniques including: breathing exercises, self massage and acupressure points to aid recovery

There is a rich history in Oriental Medicine of  supporting women after childbirth to promote recovery and optimal health.  All to often the care of new mothers is put on the back burner to meet the many needs of a new baby. Yet, the age old wisdom of taking care of yourself to better take care of others is never so true as in the mother child relationship.  Without a healthy mom, baby cannot thrive.

In Oriental Medicine, the recommendation for new moms to get adequate rest is taken seriously.  The trap of feeling you must be back in full swing  shortly after you give birth often results in an exhaustion that runs deep and is more difficult to overcome than if you have good postpartum healthcare from the onset.  Exhaustion can lead to pain, feelings of depression, brain fog, irritability – adversely effecting overall health from many angles.

It’s easy to become depleted while caring for new baby during the day, then nursing every couple of hours through the night. The lack of sleep alone can cause a great deal of disharmony in a new mother’s mind, body and spirit when mother does not have the support she needs in her postpartum months.

At least thirty days of postpartum recovery time is ideal. This is a time to rest as much as possible, pay close attention to diet and nutrition, build blood and energy, do gentle restorative exercise, and get acupuncture.