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Prenatal Acupuncture and Massage

Did you know that acupuncture and massage are safe, natural, and holistic treatments that can help keep you and your baby healthy throughout your pregnancy? The world-class acupuncture and massage experts at Sage Acupuncture have helped countless women in Austin and across Central Texas alleviate first trimester symptoms like nausea, reduce common concerns such as discomfort in the second trimester, and prepare the body for delivery during the third trimester.

We’re here for you every step of the way, from conception, throughout your pregnancy, and during those all-important postpartum months. It’s essential to take care of yourself during this time, and we know how to help you feel your very best.

There’s a reason why Sage was named Austin Birth Awards’ Best Acupuncture Clinic. We specialize in helping you have a happy, healthy pregnancy ensuring that you and your baby have everything you need, at every milestone. Our caring, compassionate team have been the go-to specialists for women just like you for over fifteen years. Contact us to find out why so many others have trusted us during their pregnancy and have returned to us for their second, third, and even fourth babies!

Prenatal Acupuncture Services

Incorporating acupuncture into your pre-birth plan gently prepares the body for the stress of labor. Pre-birth acupuncture has also been linked with reduced time in labor, fewer inductions, and emergency Cesarean deliveries.

Our program is designed to help you at each stage of your pregnancy with personalized care for every trimester.

First Trimester

We focus on alleviating nausea and malaise. Acupuncture helps to reduce the stress of this initial transitional period.

Second Trimester

We provide natural solutions to common pregnancy concerns like back pain, stress, insomnia, low energy, and digestion issues.

Third Trimester

Our pre-birth treatment series starts at 36-weeks gestation and helps ripen the cervix and position your baby for labor.

Postpartum Acupuncture Services

Our postpartum care program is designed to promote your long-term health. In the first months after delivery, our treatments can help you with:

  • Low milk production
  • C-Section recovery
  • Prolapse and UTIs
  • Perineum and post-birth pains
  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Irritability

Prenatal Massage

Massage has long been known to reduce stress and help the body function in balance. This is especially important during pregnancy when your body, mind, and spirit are transforming as the baby grows. Our Maya therapy and prenatal massage services can help with many of the symptoms associated with pregnancy. These include but or not limited to nausea, heartburn, emotional stress, constipation, ligament pain, sacral pain, hip pain, coccygeal pain, diastasis recti, preparing the pelvis for birth, and returning the uterus and abdominal organs to their proper place postpartum.

On the day of treatment, we will tailor your massage to your unique needs, each and every time you visit. For those in the second and third trimester, our massages are performed in a side lying position, complete with support pillows to make your experience comforting and relaxing. Our treatments are designed with your specific needs in mind.

“For my 9 years as an OB/GYN in Austin, Sadie and Michelle and their trusted crew at Sage have been one of my go-to resources for collaboration around all things women’s health. Their expertise in both fertility and pregnancy care make them a natural partner for me and my practice. They have worked on me both before, during, and after my own pregnancies.”

Dr. Andrea Campaigne

Nurture Ob/Gyn

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