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Sage Advice for Fertility

With Sadie Minkoff L.AC.

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We believe in taking charge of your health, and being well informed is key. There’s so much information out there about fertility that it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we recommend starting right here at home in ATX. Learn about everything fertility while getting to know your local fertility experts. We help you move your fertility forward with Sage Advice!


People who feel supported on their road to parenthood not only have more positive experiences but also better outcomes! Being heard and feeling cared for is crucial. Get to know providers from OB/GYNs and Reproductive Endocrinologists to acupuncturists and counselors. This is the space to find your people and build your team.


Everyone has a different fertility journey, at times we need to look inward and listen to our intuition, at others we need to ask for support. We’ve created Sage Advice to help you find answers, get guidance, and discover solutions. Start here and hang in there!

Sadie Minkoff L.Ac., FABORM

For nearly 20 years Sadie has worked as a pioneer in the field of natural reproductive health and is currently the clinical director of Sage Acupuncture, the largest holistic fertility practice in Central Texas. Sadie loves to educate people on all aspects of fertility and is a huge advocate for patients using an integrative medical approach. Hence Sage Advice was born to provide information and connect people with local Austin fertility resources.

What Causes Miscarriages

A discussion on the causes, treatments, and prevention of miscarriages with fertility specialist Dr. Winifed Mak. Dr. Mak has done extensive research in the field of pregnancy loss at Yale University and currently is a professor at Dell Medical school as well as supports patients at UT Health Austin.

Talking With Your OB/GYN About Infertility

Dr. Andrea Campaigne discusses her approach to working with fertility. From what tests an OB/GYN can run to holding space for her patients.

Natural Cycle FET with Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Burger

Learn about IVF and your options for frozen embryo cycles with renowned reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Natalie Burger.

What to expect when working with a Reproductive Psychiatrist

Dr. Kristin Lasseter discusses her work as a reproductive psychiatrist and when the best time to seek mental health help is.

Dr. Kelly Boyd Defines Reproductive Trauma

A forerunner in the field of reproductive psychology, Dr. Boyd discusses how she supports people struggling with infertility.

Miscarriage counseling

Aga Crump discusses her work as a counselor specializing in pregnancy loss.

Nutrition for Fertility with Olivia Honeycutt L.Ac.

Learn about the best diet for fertility and which foods to eat to have a healthy pregnancy with acupuncturist and applied clinical nutritionist Olivia Honeycutt L.Ac.

Holistic Fertility Support

Courtney Tully of CGT Coaching interviews Sadie Minkoff L.Ac. FABORM about holistic fertility support.

Do You Need a Fertility Doula?

Emily Shaw of Flutter Fertility discusses her mind-body approach and how her work as a fertility coach and doula can help.

Yoga Therapy for Fertility with Laura

Learn how the ancient practice of yoga can help you navigate your fertility journey with Laura Edoff who holds a masters degree in Yoga Therapy.

Yoga for fertility with Liz Belile

Liz Belile, widely loved Austin yoga instructor, talks about yoga for fertility and how her personal experience trying to conceive brought her to this work.

Learn how acupuncture improves fertility

Our holistic integrative-care programs guide women through all the stages of their journey to motherhood. read more

Love Over Fear with Jenna Brown

Learn what a full spectrum queer doula is and how Jenna Brown’s wealth of offerings support ALL people.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

When trying to conceive (or anytime) no one should use toxic chemicals or invasive procedures on their face! That’s why we offer a natural way to refresh and renew your complexion. Learn how our certified therapists use gentle, relaxing, and effective techniques to. read more

Breech position moxa instructions

Learn how to use moxibustion (moxa) to help safely and gently turn your breech baby into the optimal head down position before labor. read more

Femoral Massage

Increase circulation to the uterus and ovaries with the femoral artery massage and use this simple self-care technique to support fertility naturally. read more

Welcome to Sage

Welcome to Sage Acupuncture! From the moment you walk in the door, it’s our mission to make you feel relaxed and at home. read more

How to use essential oils

Essential oils are a wonderful way to regulate hormonal activity, promote relaxation, and uplift your mood, as well as being a natural, nontoxic, replacement for beauty and cleaning supplies. Here we demonstrate how to safely use our top four favorite essential oils. read more

Sage Program

Sage provides comprehensive holistic fertility treatments to women and men. read more

Success Story

Watch this amazing success story about how Sage helped Sarah overcome infertility and have a healthy pregnancy. read more

Pregnant naturally after failed IVF

Spoiler alert! Listen to this incredible story of how our patient went from a failed IVF to having twins completely naturally. read more

Pregnant naturally after 4 yrs

At Sage we treat the person, not the disease. This means looking at all aspects of your health so we’re often the first ones to detect an underlying illness or pattern of disharmony. Listen to how this holistic approach. read more

Pregnancy and labor prep

Our program helps keep you and your baby happy and healthy throughout your pregnancy – before, during, and after labor. read more

Donor Egg IVF

Listen to one women’s experience of going through donor egg IVF. How she made the decision to move forward with a donor egg cycle, what she did to ameliorate the stress of it all, and learned to embrace the process, before ultimately. read more

The best time to start treatment

Learn how long you should wait to seek help with getting pregnant based on your age. Whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or with the help of an IUI or IVF acupuncture can be the key to success. read more


Surgery can remove the physical blockages associated with endometriosis but the inevitable inflammation is best addressed with diet, lifestyle, and systemic interventions like acupuncture. read more

How reproductive acupuncture helps

Learn the innate physiological mechanisms that acupuncture stimulates to bring your body back into balance. The best part is that it feel great too! Our patients look forward to their treatments and often go into a deep. read more

How to Predict Ovulation

Learn what signs your body is giving you before, during, and after your fertile window every month and how to track them. Understanding the rhythms of your body will help you pinpoint (no pun intended), the ideal time to. read more

Miscarriage help

You may be surprised that an estimated 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. In spight of this statistic, the heartbreak of a miscarriage is often a lonely experience. At Sage, we understand how devastating loss is and are. read more

Sage Acupuncture Tour

From the moment you walk in the door, it’s our mission to make you feel relaxed and at home. read more

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