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Fertility Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been used for thousands of years to enhance fertility. At Sage Acupuncture, our natural fertility specialists provide tailored treatment to people in the Austin area with issues that affect fertility. From endometriosis, hormonal imbalances, and stress; to low sperm count and advanced age, we treat the numerous reasons why couples fail to conceive and know how to help you have a baby.

Fertility acupuncture is beneficial to those who are trying to become pregnant in many ways. It reduces stress, improves blood flow to the uterus, and promotes healing. Additionally, acupuncture is highly useful for treating some underlying issues that contribute to infertility and overall poor health, such as menstrual irregularity, insomnia, hypothyroidism, digestive disorders, and immunologic issues.

Stress is a huge factor in infertility as it may alter sperm counts in men and create spasms in the uterus in women. It can also produce the stress hormone cortisol that, when elevated for long periods of time, can lead to suppressed immunity, hypertension, insulin resistance, unhealthy food cravings, and reduced libido. Acupuncture releases endorphins or “feel good” hormones in the brain that promote relaxation and counter the effects of cortisol.

Women who suffer from endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormonal imbalances, and other conditions or disorders of the reproductive system often find it difficult to conceive. Fertility acupuncture is a modality of Eastern medicine that focuses on the entire body and promoting good health. The body is made up of various systems and organs; the health of all of these systems has a direct impact on fertility. Many people who are working with their OB/GYN or Reproductive Endocrinologist to improve fertility find that acupuncture complements these efforts and improves success rates when trying to conceive.

Treating symptoms instead of promoting good overall physical and mental health is often not enough to get pregnant. At Sage Acupuncture our infertility specialists know the importance of treating the body as a whole and pinpointing the cause of disease or illness that may be contributing to fertility issues. We invite people in Austin and surrounding areas to learn more about acupuncture for fertility, and how it could help you realize your dream of a healthy pregnancy.o

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