Facial Rejuvenation

When trying to conceive (or anytime) no one should use toxic chemicals or invasive procedures on their face! That’s why we offer a natural way to refresh and renew your complexion.

Facial Acupuncture uses tiny hair thin needles to gently stimulate collagen production and help bring vital energy and oxygen to the skin.

Yes, this is a completely natural healthy way to rejuvenate the face that works wonders.

Each treatment package includes a thorough facial evaluation, lifestyle, nutritional, and product consultation followed by facial acupuncture combined with gentle face massage.

As a holistic system, acupuncture benefits the entire body. Sage Facial Rejuvenation is a great way to not only look great but to help balance the body and feel amazing.

Acupuncture Facial rejuvenation will not interact with other procedures or medications, making it a great option for those trying to conceive, or those who are sensitive to chemicals or more invasive procedures.

Results can last from 3 to 5 years with maintenance.

What to expect:

Sessions begin with sculpting Gua-sha massage

Kiss puffy allergy face goodbye! Release jaw tightness and ease away wrinkles caused by stress and tension. Facial Gua-sha is a traditional gentle detoxifying massage technique using a silky smooth rose quartz or jade crystal tool and nourishing organic facial oil. Signature crystal Gua-sha sculpting helps move lymph in the face to increase circulation, build collagen, and gently drain excess fluid.

Followed by our custom facial rejuvenation acupuncture

We target each individuals problem areas by gently stimulating collagen production and helping bring vital energy and oxygen rich blood to the face. Facial Rejuvenation decreases wrinkles, discoloration and age spots and leaves you with a healthy glow. You feel great and it shows!


How does this work?

Facial acupuncture works by stimulating the skin’s natural healing abilities on a microscopic level. The tiny needles help to bring vital blood flow to the affected areas while boosting collagen production at the cellular level.

I’m trying to conceive/doing IVF or medicated IUI under the guidance of my physician. It’s important I’m not exposed to chemicals and medications. Is this safe for me?

Yes! Facial acupuncture is a great way to improve your appearance and practice nurturing self care while doing fertility work.

Does it hurt?

We use the tiniest, and gentlest needles for our treatments. While it’s normal to feel some sensation, most people find the experience very relaxing and pain free.

I’ve had fillers or botox, can I still benefit from this?

Yes! Facial acupuncture helps to naturally balance the complexion and bring healthy circulation to the face, this will not affect other procedures, if anything it may help create a more natural subtle look.

I have inflammation/acne/redness, will this help clear my skin?

Because facial acupuncture helps to reduce stress and promote the skin’s innate healing ability, it makes it an excellent therapy for those that suffer from acne/inflammatory conditions.

What kind of look can I expect after treatment?

Because this is a completely natural intervention, you can look forward to a refreshed, more youthful appearance. Facial acupuncture will not cause the “frozen” appearance of botox or injections.

We recommend our Sage Facial Rejuvenation Package for best results.


What target areas would you like to focus on rejuvenating?

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