Reproductive care for women and men

Trying to conceive isn’t always easy. And the costs of conception are both physically and emotionally taxing. We offer a personalized approach, tailored to your specific needs, and aimed to help optimize fertility.

Our program combines all the benefits of traditional medicine with the latest information from reproductive science. Fertility acupuncture helps restore the building blocks of conception by reducing stress, stimulating metabolic function, increasing circulation, and balancing the immune system. We always take the time to explain our recommendations and answer any questions you have.

Research has shown that acupuncture not only improves your overall health, but also delivers the nourishment and hormones that grow healthy eggs and a receptive uterine lining.

At least 50% of infertility is attributed to men. In fact, over the past several decades there has been a dramatic decline in male reproductive health.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has proven to be effective in increasing sperm count, motility, and morphology.  Men are often pleasantly surprised that treatments are relaxing and offer an opportunity to unwind.

We know how to help you have a baby! From preconception through each trimester, we support a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Transform your fertility and sense of well-being

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