Pediatric Health

Oriental medicine can help with:

•    Restlessness and sleeplessness
•    Good digestive and intestinal health
•    Fever relief
•    Colic and mild tummy troubles
•    Nasal and ear congestion (avoiding overuse of antibiotics)
•    Colds and viruses
•    Allergies and asthma
•    Healthy diet and nutritional support
•    Bed Wetting
•    ADD, ADHD, and anxiety in children
•    Achy muscles in growing children and children who participate in sports

At Sage, we use massage, acupressure, supplements, and food therapy to provide soothing and effective treatments for infants and children. We also treat older children with acupressure and sometimes acupuncture that is quick and gentle.

Children move through the stages of illness at an accelerated rate and respond to treatment very quickly. They are affected far more easily by external factors, which can contribute to frequent colds, viruses, and ear aches. Pediatric Traditional Chinese Medicine offers tried-and-true preventative care to help build and strengthen your child’s immune system, keeping them healthy when exposed to illnesses, vacillating weather, changes in diet, and other stressors.

Children love massage! They respond with curiosity and are usually very receptive to treatment.

We recommend that children rest at home when they are under the weather (in the acute phase of a fever or illness), but we carry the Golden Flower Chinese Herbal line of pediatric formulas that every family should have in their medicine cabinet for allergies, colds, earaches, and tummy upset.