Holistic Pregnancy

Holistic Care Before and After Birth

Many women in Austin have come to realize the importance of prenatal and postnatal support for not only a healthy pregnancy but for their own health and wellness. At Sage Acupuncture we understand that when you become pregnant it is essential to support the health of yourself and your baby both during pregnancy and following delivery. Physical wellness is not the only thing that matters, mental health is vital as well. Your overall physical and emotional health play a vital role in the health of your unborn baby. After giving birth, some women experience delayed recovery, extreme fatigue, low milk supply, “baby blues” or postpartum depression. Issues that affect you can affect your baby as well.

Using acupuncture and nutritional support, herbal medicine, and stress reduction, the goal of Chinese medicine is to promote wellness throughout your entire body. Stress is one of the biggest contributors to disease or illness of the body and mind. Holistic medicine ensures the health of your baby both during pregnancy and after giving birth. Developing babies require proper nutrition and vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Lifestyle choices and mental attitude can also impact your baby. Genetics also play a role in the development of a child, as well as environmental factors. You want to do everything you possibly can to ensure your baby is healthy during your pregnancy, and following delivery.

Sage Acupuncture

Natural prenatal and postnatal support work together with obstetric or midwifery care to improve outcomes and support wellness. This is commonly referred to as an “integrative” approach, one that combines the best of both traditional Chinese medicine with conventional medicine to promote a healthy mother and baby throughout pregnancy and beyond. Stress reduction, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, massage – we offer many modalities that support the health of women and their babies in a way that is completely natural. The power of the human body and its ability to heal itself is far beyond what most people can imagine.

In prenatal support, acupuncture is useful for helping prevent premature labor, and making labor easier once it is time to deliver. It is also a great tool for reducing stress both during and after regnancy, and helps regulate hormones, improve quality of sleep, alleviate postpartum depression and much more.

We invite women in Austin to experience how good they can feel by learning more about Sage Acupuncture’s prenatal and postnatal support.

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