Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

What to do After a Miscarriage

At Sage Acupuncture our practitioners know that a miscarriage or recurrent pregnancy loss can be one of the most discouraging and frustrating challenges women face. The good news is that when you are struggling to carry a healthy baby to term, there is hope.

Recurrent pregnancy loss is typically diagnosed after a patient suffers two or three miscarriages consecutively and the miscarriage occurs before 20-weeks gestation. If you have experienced the loss of several pregnancies, it is important to get a conventional medical evaluation so that the underlying cause can be pinpointed in an effort to provide effective treatment.

In many circumstances, the cause of recurrent pregnancy loss goes unexplained, even when a wide range of tests are performed. This is true of about 33% of women who experience frequent miscarriages. Other factors that may play a role include genetics, hormonal or immune problems, or anatomic causes such as scarring or fibroids in the uterus. When you suffer the loss of a pregnancy repeatedly, it can often feel as though you will never be able to enjoy a normal, healthy pregnancy.

Holistic medicine encompasses a range of treatments and therapies that support wellness throughout the body, including the reproductive system. All of the organs and systems in the body function as a whole, so disease or illness in one area of the body can impact overall physical and emotional health. Chinese Medicine and proper nutrition can significantly reduce to risks of frequent miscarriage and help you cope with the inevitable stress and grief. Acupuncture works to reduce stress, improve blood flow, balance hormones, improve energy flow in the body, and support a healthy reproductive environment.

Prevent Miscarriage Holistically

Lifestyle choices can also affect pregnancy. When you are pregnant it is vital to eat a healthy diet, avoid stress, and eliminate potentially harmful habits that could impact your pregnancy such as smoking, consuming too much alcohol, or taking prescription or over-the-counter medications that could potentially contribute to recurrent pregnancy loss.

At Sage Acupuncture our natural fertility specialists work with women in Austin who have experienced frequent miscarriages to support their health and fertility. Our integrative approach has helped countless couples finally have a healthy baby. If you are looking for a holistic and integrative approach to pregnancy loss, we are here to help.

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